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Annual marketing conferences. Corporate training programs. Quarterly sales kickoffs. It takes a lot of work and dizzying attention to dozens of details to pull off a stand-out event. Add a virtual component to the equation and your job just got a whole lot harder. 

You need a partner to help navigate the processes, the technology, and the complexities of a virtual program so you can focus on what you do best: engage your audience to drive business results. We want to be that partner.

With Align, you get a dedicated event manager who understands the digital ins-and-outs of virtual presentations. He or she will work closely with you from concept brainstorming to development troubleshooting to successful execution — and every little thing in-between.

Why you need an event manager.

“Too many balls in the air.”

Let’s face it: managing a face-to-face event is a tough juggling act, but your to-do list gets a whole lot longer and a lot more complicated when technology and the internet are involved.

At Align, we have the expertise to pick up the virtual ball and run with it. Of course, we’ll handle all of the tech stuff from selecting the best platform for you to capturing attendee insights and measuring event impact. We can also help you identify – and later train and rehearse – compelling speakers to ensure digital presentation best practices. By overseeing all elements of your virtual production, and quickly solving issues that could otherwise trip you up, we become a partner in the truest sense. Together, we’ll deliver an exceptional interactive event.

“Can you hear me now?”

The stage is set. The virtual lights go on. And silence. Your speaker’s mouth is moving, but you can’t hear a sound. And you thought you had everything covered…

Whether it’s a technical glitch or a human error, your Align event manager will be on hand from the get-go to ensure the unforeseen and unthinkable are unlikely. They collaborate with your presenters to ensure everyone is comfortable and up to speed on the software, conducting as many virtual sound checks and run-throughs as it takes. Should a glitch occur, your Align manager will calmly and swiftly remedy the situation so the virtual show can go on.

“The technology isn’t working!”

Your technology provider said their platform was DIY but… You are having issues connecting the dots across all of your participants. Your speaker is having trouble sharing his presentation and worse, once he does, no one can hear him. Your audience is losing attention. And those attendee numbers you were hoping to gather? Well, there is no easy way to connect the service to your CRM.

With so many virtual presentation technologies in use today, aligning different platforms and formats can be overwhelming. This is where Align’s expertise really shines. Before you sign that long-term contract for your next virtual event, let us assess your needs and recommend the right tech solution: one that not only satisfies your goals but fits within your budget. And, if you are stuck with a not-so-DIY solution, relax. Our team has seen it all and can help you get unstuck with expert tips and subtle workarounds. Your audience won’t be any the wiser.

Innovative Technology Partners

Exceptional virtual events require complex choreography: from choosing your technology, to engaging your audience, to executing seamless transitions between speakers and digital media. That’s why we partner with Tat Communications and Glisser, who provide innovative communication tools and the training you need to engage virtually.

Tat Communication applies communication technology to help project teams, business leaders and communicators through: 

  • Live video streaming (webcasting)
  • Video production
  • Leadership messaging and field staff engagement
  • Branding, graphic treatment and creative services

Learn more about their services.

Glisser offers an award-winning hybrid event-hosting platform with an integrated audience response system to allow for:

  • Live streaming
  • Instant slide sharing to personal devices
  • Powerful event data analytics and ROI
  • Topflight security protocols

Learn more about their platform.

“AlignVLS’s extensive knowledge in the area of pedagogy, combined with their passion and understanding of virtual learning environments, allows them to step back and look at the entire process for delivering learning objectives.”

Kim Smith, Director, Client Success, Refined Data

Your virtual event manager checklist

Listed below are all the services we provide to help you pull off a great virtual event. Need less? We’ll work with you to customize a program to deliver just the services you need.

  • ✓ Identify event requirements
  • ✓ Develop speaker terms and guidelines
  • ✓ Select and evaluate appropriate technology
    • – Registration, communication and tracking tools
    • – Webinar, live stream and production software
    • – Audience engagement tools
  • ✓ Secure speaker and panelists
  • ✓ Engage event partners
  • ✓ Secure technology licenses
  • ✓ Market the event
  • ✓ Coordinate attendee registration
  • ✓ Send speaker reminder & checklist
  • ✓Train hosts, speakers and panelists
  • ✓ Test host, speaker and panelist technology (including Internet connections, microphone, camera, and lighting)
  • ✓ Conduct broadcast rehearsal
  • ✓ Produce event
  • ✓ Record event
  • ✓ Coordinate attendee follow-up information
  • ✓ Secure physical venue(s)
  • ✓ Secure physical venue tech leads
  • ✓ Train physical venue tech leads
  • ✓ Test venue technology
  • ✓ Conduct physical venue site testing
  • ✓ Build event website
  • ✓ Build learning management system site

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