Going Virtual

What Fish Can Teach Us About Great Virtual Events

In his Kenyon College commencement address David Foster Wallace recounts the story of two young fishes swimming along. They meet an older fish who nods at them and says, “Morning, boys, how’s the water?” The young fish swim on for a bit, and then one of them looks at the other and says, “What’s water?” Most ofContinue reading “What Fish Can Teach Us About Great Virtual Events”

Live Virtual Events – Should We Do It Ourselves?

You’re great at hosting live events. You’ve been doing it for a while now. But, does that mean you can go it alone, producing a virtual or hybrid event? That depends: on the event, your objectives — and you. Before you jump in, we’ve identified six critical areas where virtual expertise matters, and a checklistContinue reading “Live Virtual Events – Should We Do It Ourselves?”

6 Steps to a Successful Virtual Event

Virtual events such as multi-location corporate employee meetings, town hall gatherings, and professional conferences shatter barriers imposed by distance and travel. They offer a professional and effective way to engage even widely dispersed attendees … if they’re done right. These six steps provide a roadmap to a successful virtual event.  In subsequent posts I’ll considerContinue reading “6 Steps to a Successful Virtual Event”

Choosing the Right Virtual Event Technology

Recently a client came to us with a straightforward problem. “Can you produce a multi-speaker virtual event with the following attributes?” The list was as follows: Professional production quality. (As the client put it, “It had to be like a TED Talk.”) Robust audio and video interaction between speakers A high level of virtual audienceContinue reading “Choosing the Right Virtual Event Technology”

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