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When pioneers of distance learning, Glenn Kessler and Jennifer Withrow, faced the need to transition from a tried and true, face-to-face experience to a digital one, they had few options other than themselves. No-one had yet written the manual: “Virtual Events For Dummies” had yet to be published.

So they learned the hard way, by doing. They made mistakes and took notes.  

Their approach was to marry sound pedagogy with innovative technology to create compelling digital learning environments. Through trial and error, they eventually landed on a process that resulted in outstanding student outcomes, satisfied instructors, inventive uses of emerging technologies, and the skills to deliver superior virtual events, interactive meetings, and engaging presentations. 

When they founded Align Virtual Solutions, they committed to continue their learnings and share them with event managers, facilitators, and corporate trainers in today’s association, education, and enterprise markets.

With Align, you not only get the technical know-how of digital doers, you tap into the expertise of seasoned educators who guide you on your virtual journey and collaborate with you every step of the way. 

Glenn and Jennifer’s deep virtual expertise extends to the entire Align team: each well versed in the innovative nuances and ever-changing complexity today’s technology platforms provide. Equally, they share a passion for giving each customer the personal attention needed to create exceptional digital experiences of every size — from simple presentations to mid-sized meetings to large, multi-faceted online events.


Meet your virtual team of experts

Glenn Kessler, Co-founder and CEO

“I love digging into the technology and making it work for my clients.”

When Glenn isn’t helping clients ‘wow’ attendees with great virtual events he spends his time kayaking in mid-Coast Maine. He also supports the Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust by maintaining their trails and facilities.

Jennifer Withrow, Co-founder and CEO

“Seeing people enjoy and have success with virtual events and training is my passion. Knowing my clients and their audiences are engaged and relaxed and able to focus on the event, training or workshop – while we handle the tech and interactivity for them – is rewarding for me.”

It’s not unusual for Jennifer to take calls from clients while out running the trails. Whether it is on the back of her horse, hiking, or running down mountains, she is a trail blazer. She also serves on the FredTrails Board with a focus of bringing her local community outdoors. Another joy in her life? 🙂 Her grandkids.

Chester Pietras, Event Manager & Virtual Producer

“What I like about being working with Align Virtual Solutions is being able to interact with a variety of people and lending a helping hand.”

When he’s not supporting a full scale event or producing virtual meetings, Chester can be found in his gardens, sewing seeds, tilling the earth, and simply watching things grow.

Ken Withrow, Event Manager & Virtual Producer

“Working, conversing, and sharing stories with the facilitators about different and changing virtual experiences makes my job as a producer super interesting and fun.”

Ken really digs creating exceptional productions but on his off hours, he enjoys listening to podcasts, modeling and gaming.

Melissa Arce, Event Manager & Virtual Producer

“I enjoy learning all new platforms in the virtual environment and sharing what I know with new learners and presenters.”

When Melissa isn’t assisting with creating exceptional virtual events, she spends time with her dogs and enjoys her new home with beautiful mountain views of the Colorado Rockies.

Jordan Richter, Virtual Producer

“I like producing because I find it interesting to make the classes and virtual presentations seamless for the participants and to diagnose any problems and fix them.”

In Jordan’s other life, he is a student at Camp Community College where he plays baseball as an outfielder and a pitcher. In his rare free time, he likes to watch shows or play video games with his roommates and spend time with his family on Discord.

Anna Burke, Virtual Producer

I love my career in virtual production. It allows me to be a passive yet a vital part of important and informative sessions while allowing me to work from home as little or as much as I want.”

When she’s not behind a computer, Anna can be found cruising around Laurel Lake on a pontoon, riding side-by-side on her family farm with her 4-year old, or learning how her Appalachian ancestors did things such as string up shucky beans and leather britches.

Michael Onkst, Virtual Producer

“I love being able to bridge the gap between technology and traditional classrooms styles of teaching.”

You’ll find Michael with his family, hiking, camping, fishing and enjoying the great outdoors in the Colorado mountains, unless he’s geeking it out on the technology to guide and produce a great training session or presentation for his clients.

Kora Apgar, Virtual Producer

“I like being the person behind the scenes and working with different type of people!”

When Kora isn’t producing virtual events, she enjoys the mountains of Colorado with her pack of American bullies. Every weekend she goes to a new mountain in hopes to reach a certain goal of miles that day.

Virginia Quinones, Virtual Producer

“I enjoy helping and guiding others deliver successful virtual sessions.”

When she isn’t behind the scenes helping others deliver successful virtual sessions, Virginia likes to spending time at the beach.

Kenn Parson, Virtual Producer

“Producing is great fun and I think it’s great to be able to work in the background to support a seamless event or ensure a presentation goes off without a hitch.”

When not producing, you can find Kenn either engaged in his school work to finish up his Bachelor’s Degree or releasing stress through gaming, playing smooth jazz on his drum set or one of his many saxophones.

Deviona Anderson, Virtual Producer

“I like producing because I love the virtual environment, it gives me a lot of flexibility with my school work and my personal life.”

When she’s not helping virtual instructors and presenters, Deviona likes to hangout with her dog, Ollie, and her family.

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